Alfreedo is the virtual assistant that helps you with anything related to bureaucracy and admin.


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Work takes up most of our day, but often even during the hours left for private life we ​​find ourselves immersed in tasks, research and problems for which we do not have the time or the energy.



Alfreedo becomes your personal assistant, digital and on-demand. So you can always count on another pair of hands and a brain to delegate the things that you would otherwise procrastinate on.


The service

Alfreedo is available on your favorite messaging apps. Just send us a vocal note or a text and our team of senior personal assistants immediately gets to work on your request.

For whom?


People with very demanding and busy jobs who prefer to delegate trivial but time-consuming tasks to use the time saved on high value-add activities

What’s next

The service is in the discovery and validation phase. After having validated the need directly on the market and after having managed a series of requests for ideal users, a test is underway that directly involves a group of users who will be followed for a whole month. This will make it possible to study and map needs, needs and methods involved in carrying out this type of activity.

Updates from the team

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