Büro is the service that manages deadlines, payments and documents for you. Personal life, home, car… perfect organisation and zero worries!


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Value proposition

Offering a practical solution to the waste of time and the confusing procedures to be followed every time one interfaces with bureaucracy. Büro becomes the digital drawer where you can keep all your personal and property documents up-to-date in one place (always at your fingertips) and also take care of paperwork and related tasks.


The need

Bureaucracy and paperwork are time-consuming and the processes to be followed are often unclear. Taking care of all these tasks often becomes a problem and we tend to put them off, risking delays and problems. Bureaucracy, however, is the key to many (if not most) things in our lives. To take a trip, to work, to rent or buy a house. But instead? We end up with difficult (and time-consuming) documents and paperwork every time. 

Often, bureaucracy is: excessive, full of steps and documents; slow for people who have less and less time; complicated to understand and manage.


The solution

Büro is that service to which you can delegate all those administrative practices and tedious tasks for which you have neither time nor inclination. A practical interface between the user and the administrative machine. You create your profile and Büro organises the steps, reminds you what to do and proposes solutions. Once the problem has been solved, Büro leaves you what you need in your digital drawer.

“In Italy, for example, it takes 238 hours every year (about 9.5 days) to pay taxes, twice as long as the average in Europe (170.4 hours).”


The product

The service offers the possibility of having a personal digital assistant at your fingertips, as easy as sending a message! Just ask Büro and the service will take care of everything: up-to-date information and documents, managing your property, appointments with public offices, requests and procedures, deadlines and payments. The Büro app allows users to save and have all documents available at all times and to set deadlines, reminders and payments directly in their digital drawer.


The target

Professionally busy people prefer to delegate these tasks and spend the time saved doing something else. Queuing and filling in forms does not appeal to anyone! Remembering all deadlines and keeping up with payments and appointments is not always possible with the chaotic life that people who work all day often have to live.

Büro for Municipalities

As part of a broader vision, Büro for Municipalities was born, the tech system that proactively manages citizens’ bureaucratic obligations, facilitating the payment of certain debt positions towards the municipality.

Specifically, the project allows citizens to view the fine on their device via the digital courtesy notice and proceed directly to payment. Büro’s notice will be routed directly to the payment systems that the citizen uses on a daily basis. It is not a substitute for the ‘legal’ notification but interrupts the paper mailing process if paid within 5 days. 

From January 2023, Büro is collecting expressions of interest from Italian municipalities that want to use the service.





fines managed by Büro

What’s next

The service is in the discovery and validation phase. After having validated the need directly on the market and after having managed a series of requests from real users, the team discovered directly in the field the problems involved in carrying out many bureaucratic procedures. In addition, a test was carried out through which a group of users was followed for a whole month, studying and mapping their needs, requirements and methods involved in carrying out this type of activity. Other tests were carried out on more specific vertical targets such as expats and young managers. On the basis of these experiments, the branding and positioning of the service was revised and an app was developed allowing users to request help with the resolution of certain paperwork (certificates, payments, document renewals) and to save all the documents to have at hand at all times. In particular, the focus at this stage is on solving all car-related problems.

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