The service that chooses the perfect lunch for you and delivers it wherever you want, at home or office.


Food delivery

Current stage

constituted Magna s.r.l.

  • Mobile App for both IOS & Android
  • Full payment integration & meal tickets
  • Menu tech
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Value proposition

MAMMT offers a solution to the lunch break through a network of professional caterers and dark kitchens ready to prepare the most suitable lunch for each user. By ordering from the MAMMT app, each user receives a surprise lunch customised to their tastes, delivered at the time and address indicated by MAMMT riders. The service solves both environmental and social sustainability issues by helping to reduce food waste, optimise resources and promote a healthier lifestyle.



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Problem / need

Your agenda is packed with meetings and calls and your lunch break is on the clock. And there comes the question “What’s for lunch today”? Sure, you can cook the night before and carry your lunch box around or rather get the same sandwich every day.  Hey, you’ve got the usual food delivery app but even there you end up ordering always the same food.



MAMMT links demand – people that look for a meal option – with a network of professional restaurants ready to cook a tailored mean for each user.


The product

By ordering on the MAMMT’s app each user receives a surprise lunch box, tailored to their preferences and delivered when and where they want by a MAMMT rider. With MAMMT you can just open an app, tell us what you don’t like to eat, and then MAMMT takes care of the rest. Just wait for your surprise lunch!



Students, freelancers, employees. Basically all the people that take lunch breaks lack the time and the will to think about what to eat, how to cook it, or where to get it from.

Business model

MAMMT is an app based service that sells meals – the system aggregates the demand in a geolocalized way and connects it to the partner restaurants that are part of the circuit. The model is sustainable thanks to volume-based optimization, the way menus are created and developed to create the possible combination of best meal / customization.


MAMMT looks at how the world of food will change (will there still be kitchens as we know them now in the homes of the future?) And revolutionizes the concept of delegation in such a personal area like food. The degree of delegation in all aspects of life is becoming increasingly dependent on other variables such as time, objectives and priorities.

What’s next

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