Eleven is the platform that helps you find the right service and professional for your personal development and self-discovery.



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Value proposition

Creating a platform that on the one hand welcomes those users who want to get closer to the holistic world and on the other hand provides professionals with the tools to reach more customers through digital and more effective communication.


Problem / need

There are many options available for those who want to take care of their body and mind, but there is no support for those who want to explore services related to spirituality and self-searching.

There are initiatives such as festivals and fairs where people begin to explore this world with a positive approach, but it often remains a taboo to talk about the subject, because people still associate it with scams, useless, but in reality they do not know about the real, well-done services that can really help people and give positive insights into their lives. There is still no way, other than word of mouth, to find out that some of these holistic services exist and how they can help. We want to build something different, in terms of offer, communication and values.



We only connect experienced and trusted professionals to the platform. We make sure to select them carefully based on experience, integrity and dedication. Approved by people who have already seen in them a guide to getting to know themselves authentically and through customised paths that bring together ancient traditions and the most modern knowledge. We support these practitioners in communication by offering them a new channel through which to reach people who are interested in the services they offer and the disciplines in which they are experts.


The product

For all people who are looking for guidance, to find greater clarity or to take a path of spiritual growth, Eleven makes sure to make accessible a range of useful and professional services to do so.

Eleven is a platform that offers curated services and experiences that enable people to explore spiritual and holistic experiences with the aim of understanding their present and empowering their choices for a better life.



Anyone curious to explore different experiences related to spirituality and mindfulness

What’s next

We are working to make the offer better both in terms of services and professionals on the platform, and in terms of communication, with the aim of dissolving any barriers that people might find and make them hesitate to try and approach this type of service. Discovery and A/B testing activities continue in order to increasingly create a tailor-made service that is meaningful to the target audience. The search for new services and the inclusion of professionals and expanding the offer in terms of new experiences offered also continues. We are also working on making it easy and straightforward for professionals to be onboarded on the platform.

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