We are a startup studio:
we build digital startups

A startup builder ready to find new business opportunities and launch new digital products and services for people that cannot wait to use.

Innovation and enthusiasm, it’s what we are!
We wonder how the future will be and ask ourselves – what is missing today that we would love to be there tomorrow? We find it, and start building it immediately! Our goal is to push digital innovation in several areas making sure our solutions are available to people (millions of them!).  
Who are we for real? A team of creatives with a tech soul that nurture an ability to experiment and build something useful and beautiful. We share the desire to imagine and rethink what is there and find new solutions that solve common and real issues.

Successful business models, how do we get that?

We live and breath customer development – we even eat it at breakfast! – it helps make sure that design, validation and development of new products and services are done efficiently, time wise but also in terms of effort and immediate feedback.
We bring an idea to life only when we have validated with real people that there is actually a need for them. We do it through market research, field tests and several interactions with real final potential users. Our tech assets (for real nerds!) allow us to launch MVPs easily and quickly and validate our business model.

Why a startup builder? Because we like to make happy corporates, , investors and venture capitalists (too!)

Our (serial) entrepreneurial mindset lowers risk for failure, making each startup an investment opportunity. Agile methodology enables the possibility for multiple experimentations helping us develop the formula for the perfect startup as we keep on optimazing processes and business models.

A startup factory that builds new worlds and turns reality upside down.

We love to think that we can make the world a better place thanks to Djungle’s super powers (together with technology and great solutions of course!).

Djungle studio was born in 2021 as a startup engine with the mission of launching new digital startups. Business opportunities for investors and corporates and ultimately new products and services that people love. Before Djungle Studio there was Djungle - the startup that has reinvented customer loyalty and engagement pushing the retail sector to innovate. Expertise, tech asset, team that now make Djungle studio super interesting.

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