We empower brands to give
their customers a unique
digital experience that results
in real engaged customers
and a long-lasting relationships
with the brand.

A new way of conceiving mobile channel

Djungle builds for the brand a direct and personalized digital channel, that changes the way customers interact with the brand.

A mobile app that opens up a whole new dimension that engages customers with a unique digital experience. Customer engagement is much more than a fidelity card or marketing as we know it.

A digital experience that your customer want

Creativity, technology, gamification and data intelligence – essentials to build a multidimensional and original customer experience that keeps your customers engaged.

With Djungle you can take your fidelity program to a whole new level. Your customers will keep on asking for more!

Building long-lasting relationships

Not only promotions and sales email, engage your customer base with valuable interactions. 

Customer loyalty and customer engagement depend on that! Build around your brand a community that is active and stays engaged, and improve immediately your customer retention and brand attachment. 

Brand & expertise Djungle 

Innovation is done together!

Djungle is, for the corporate, the start-up engine that enables a experimentation process necessary to build a new digital product that is tailored to the customers’ needs and the brand identity.

End to end digital experience is the key and Djungle takes care of the whole cycle – from ideation till customer interaction making a difference in terms of originality, quality and attention to detail. 

Together with the Djungle Team –  our mindset, our values and the lean processes that characterize our way of working –  you are able to test ideas and hypotheses around your customers’ needs and  personalize your app with the engagement incentives that work best for your customers, making them happier and more engaged. Why wait? Let the Djungle culture contaminate you!

the secret ingredient

Djungle builds apps that are engaging, that can foster desired behaviours, that bring together physical and digital experience.  

Djungle takes the principles that come from behavioral psychology and gamification theories and turns them into unique digital experiences.

Originality and beauty make the user experience special, levels and missions keep your customers’ interest up, engaging contents – the relationship between customers and brand is continuous and grows over time.

Numbers that matter 

Having an engaged and loyal customer base,  a customer base that interacts with the brand actively. What does it really mean?

Every corporate has got company objectives, numbers that need to grow to make the business sustainable and successful over time.

 Having the possibility of improving new customers’ onboarding, increasing customer retention and customer loyalty achieving impactful results is a big deal. 

This is how we have done it with one of our major retail customers  – Flying Tiger Copenhagen. 

What makes us unique

Djungle Culture & Team

A team of senior experts with a Navy-seal culture that loves the mission of building a tailor-made product, perfect for each brand. 

Djungle Engine

The tech core, built on gamification rules, that allows quick and efficient development of personalized apps and digital experiences.

Djungle Intelligence

Data collection & analysis are essential in measuring effectiveness and impacts and enabling fast reactions to new needs and behaviors.


Italian Gamification Awards

Winners Special Jury Award
Open-Inn Retail Awards

Winners Best Start-up Award
Forum Retail

London Retail Week Awards