The platform that simplifies co-living management.



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Value proposition

Offer an integrated system to easily and digitally manage everything related to the rental apartment. From payment collection to contract updates, all accessible in a few clicks.


Problem / need

According to ISTAT data 5.2 million (20.5 percent) Italians are renting. If you have ever rented a property you own or are a tenant, you know how complicated it can be to manage the relationship between landlords and tenants, which often results in a maze of problems. Late rent payments, miscalculations in expenses, and lack of clarity in communications can all cause stress and worry. Not to mention the nightmare of organizing among roommates to distribute bill payments!



ChillBill is the app that simplifies the tenant-landlord relationship. It gives you a single dedicated mobile and digital channel for all communications, tracking and dividing common expenses and bills fairly, managing rent, signing contracts, taking care of administrative tasks and fault reporting. You can undoubtedly say goodbye to stress and enjoy convenient and efficient property management.


A future where the relationship between landlords and tenants is more effective with the ability to manage renting across the board. A single app designed with you, homeowner or tenant, in mind, devoting valuable time and energy to dealing with administrative challenges that can seem overwhelming-especially when you have to deal with them after a day of study or work and just want to relax.



Homeowners who have one or more apartments for rent to students or workers and tenants who struggle to handle all the administrative side of housing without stress.

What’s next

ChillBill aims to become the digital space where landlords and tenants collaborate more quickly and effectively for rental management. The key to success will be understanding and adapting to the specific needs of the Italian co-living market, aligning with global and regional trends to ensure a service that offers cutting-edge solutions and reflects international best practices.