Could have been a good idea but!

Our job is to lower the investment risk, speeding up the testing and closing phases of the initiatives, in favor of the more promising ones. Djungle Studio covers the Pre-Seed phase necessary to make Discovery and get the first Validation results on the market. If these are not there or are not strong enough we kill the idea. We continue to invest and work on ideas that pass the first phase.

The Formula of the “Perfect Startup”: Failure is part of the process

Ideas and resources to innovate teaching.

Market: Edtech
Closing phase: Discovery

Value proposition: Contribute to improving the quality of teaching by promoting the sharing and circulation of the best lessons and resources, designed and prepared by motivated teachers.


The service that replaces the washing machine at home! Collect your bag of dirty stuff and return your washed and folded clothes.

Market: Personal assistant
Closing phase: Discovery

Value proposition: Offer a practical solution to the problem of wasting time washing laundry or lack of space to dry it in the home.


Condo fees? Spiccio takes care of it, the new system for paying condominium expenses.

Mercato: Fintech
Closing phase: Validation

Value proposition: Offer a practical solution to the problem of recurring payment of condominium expenses and/or other expenses connected to living in the house. A system that allows you not only to pay comfortably, but also to set the right reminders so you don’t forget any installments or payments.