The passpartout that unlocks access to major newspapers with a single subscription.


Publishing industry

Current stage


  • Technology integration
  • User acquisition
  • UX implementation
How to invest

Value proposition

To offer a service that with a single subscription grants you access to all journalistic content from major newspapers, in full compliance with copyright regulations.


The need

It is currently impossible to read any newspaper online without a pop-up immediately appearing saying that without a subscription you cannot continue reading. So how do you inform yourself? More importantly, how many subscriptions would you have to take out to train your critical sense without missing any updates on current affairs?


The solution

Payper is the service that via SSO (single sign-on) allows you to have access to several titles from different groups, identifying yourself with a single click. Unified access grants the user a number of additional values that differ from a single-header or single-group subscription such as the possibility of ‘zapping’ between titles, the convenience of a non-binding subscription and consumption per use.


Allowing readers a single, easy access to the information around them.

For whom?


Readers who are not loyal to a single newspaper and prefer a more flexible and dynamic mode of information, seeking different perspectives and occasional access to content.

What’s next?

Payper aims to become the leading aggregator of online newspapers in Italy, introducing B2B services and enhancing the value of partner newspapers.