Vegetali Ambulanti

The right mix of variety and freshness in one box straight from the market to your home or office! Choose according to the use you want to make of it and Vegetable Walkers will bring you quality fruit and vegetables, in the right quantity and without waste.





  • Continued expansion of the areas served
  • New delivery time slots
  • New box format

Value proposition

To offer a practical solution to all those people who prefer the quality and variety of fresh fruit and vegetables from the market but are unable to go there because working hours are often incompatible with market hours. Added to this is the possibility of choosing fruit and vegetable boxes according to the type of use you want to make of them, – do you need vegetables for a side dish? There you have the vegetable box for stir-frying! Want fruit to take to work for a healthy snack? Choose the Fruit cassette for the office! The boxes are designed according to seasonality, quality and origin of the products thanks to the experience of people who have been selling fruit and vegetables for generations! But that’s not all – they are designed to avoid waste and ensure variety, so the quantity contained for each ingredient is in proportion to the number of people who are going to consume it, 1-2 or family! Bye bye beets at lunch, breakfast and dinner to finish the box!



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Problem / need

Going to the market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables is not always possible – combine working hours with market hours or be reduced to having to buy from the supermarket by falling back on the quality of large retailers. Often, online solutions for receiving fruit and vegetables at home involve subscriptions or ordering boxes containing ingredients that are difficult to use, with little variety and in huge quantities.



Vegetable Ambulants composes the boxes using the infrastructure present in the area, such as wholesalers and Agro-Food Centres, always guaranteeing the end customer the best quality and reducing warehousing and processing costs.


The product

The service offers the possibility of ordering crates of fruit and vegetables and having them delivered to your home or office at the desired time. All boxes are designed for consumption by 1-2 persons or a family, so you are sure to have fresh, seasonal produce in the right variety at home. In addition, the fruit and vegetables included in the box are always balanced in proportion to ensure the best utilisation.



Young workers – people living alone, couples or families.

What’s next

The service is being validated as the number of paying users in Turin continues to grow with the expansion of the service to new areas. Logistics and operations are being strengthened thanks to the discovery being made to build the ‘light model’ on which it is based and to support the increase in orders and validate aspects of the business model relating to delivery, pricing and service.

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