The first delivery of fit menus tailored to your diet.


Food Delivery

Current stage


Value proposition

Delivering fit lunches designed by expert nutritionists and prepared by restaurants or professional chefs through healthy cooking methods- They follow your diet and expected amount of macronutrients but are as good, tasty and always different as if you weren’t on a diet! You can have it all right in your home or office.


Problem / need

Those who are on a diet, a nutrition plan or would like to start eating healthier and more balanced run the risk of always eating the same things or not knowing how to turn the nutrition plan, written by the nutritionist, into balanced and different lunches each time – what recipe lends itself and what can you prepare? So either you always eat the same things, or you have to bring food prepared from home every time, or… you order meals from Algrammo, always tasty, different and in line with your daily needs!





We take your diet, devise the recipe and prepare lunch for you through the work of selected kitchens and consultations with nutritionists and other fit professionals.



The menu comes to life based on your needs-just upload your details, your diet, and your nutritional plan to receive lunches at your home or office that are just right for you and ready to enjoy. Every bite is a step toward wellness!



For those who eat lunch outside the home, follow a diet or nutrition plan and do not have the ability to prepare lunch in advance. For those who have started and quit the diet many times because knowing how and what to cook is different from having a nutrition plan. But especially for those who care about their health, want to eat well and stay fit!

What’s next

After an initial testing phase and after collecting customer feedback through interviews, surveys and talking to other players in the ecosystem – gyms, restaurants, nutritionists… We continue to improve the service. The goal is to expand the number of recipes and cuisines available to enable users to have an ever-changing fit lunch, with fit dishes you would never think of eating on a diet.