The service that rewards you when you train.



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Current stage


Value proposition

Offering a service that gives you the boost you need to create a routine and make sport one of the main elements of your well-being. A solution for training with challenges tailored to you!


Problem / need

Although it is difficult to create a balance between one’s schedule and personal well-being, it is necessary to find the optimal time for one’s training. The often hectic routine does not always allow you to follow a sports programme consistently, and you often decide to give up.



GymPay creates a compromise with the user deciding how many times a week they want to train for a defined period of time. If time seems to be an opponent, the platform will help you find a time during the day when you can give it your all! Whether you prefer to get up at dawn or take a break after work, let each workout become an opportunity to dedicate yourself to your well-being. By accepting the challenge you will receive a reward for each completed workout, otherwise the value of your wallet will decrease.


The product

The platform allows you to build your own path to wellness by overcoming obstacles and discovering a new version of yourself. Accept the challenge by sharing your workout and uploading your wallet. Every day is an opportunity to achieve incredible goals.



For anyone who wants to start training and find the extra motivation to create a sense of discipline.

What’s next

We are working to develop an initial version of the app with basic functionality so that more users can take advantage of the service: upload the wallet, training and start with a 4-month timeframe to evaluate the effect.