Faber est

The first microlending service with an alternative credit check system, based on trust.



Current stage


  • Technical ICO analysis was conducted
  • Strong communication and design assets
  • Alternative credit check system
  • User profiling and Data monetization
How to invest

Value proposition

Faber est creates an innovative system that makes access to money possible for everyone. The service offers microcredits in a few simple clicks, zero bureaucracy or documents required. The service provides an alternative check based on a relational model that focuses on the Faber est community, and the possibility for the borrower to be part of it.





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The need

1,7B users around the world struggle to access credit because of the standards required by banking institutions. The documents and guarantees needed for any type of loan, no matter how small, automatically exclude many of the people who need financial support.


The solution

Faber est is the microcredit service with alternative credit checks that offers the possibility of quickly and easily accessing a microcredit from € 50 to € 300 with interest close to 0% – to be repaid in customized installments.


Faber Est suae quisque fortunae – Everyone is the creator of their own destiny.

From this quote, Djungle Studio’s first initiative in the finance realm was born. It promotes a new way of conceiving money that becomes a means, an opportunity that should be offered to everyone, in order to build their own future. Faber est aims at a model based on affiliation and on the construction of a real community. Starting from the first group of users, the service opens up to to more people on the basis of the trust demonstrated and the relationship of proximity and referrals of people with similar needs who share the vision of the service.

For whom?


Dedicated to those who are having difficulty accessing credit through traditional systems. It is aimed at end users (B2C), the “underbanked”, people who, given their working and financial position, would otherwise not obtain loans.

What’s next?

The initiative is in a Discovery & Validation phase, in which the actual need for this service, within our target, is validated. Various research and analysis activities have already allowed us to collect direct feedback from potential end users and to build a database of leads ready to use the service. We are looking for a financial partner who will allow us to carry out the Fintech experimentation, and to start providing the actual service – to validate further aspects concerning the disbursement and repayment of loans, different user groups and different methods of disbursement. In this phase, alternative methods of credit check will be tested, all of which are based on aggregate data from different sources (direct contact, social presence, etc.) and which do not necessarily refer to financial solidity and return guarantees.

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