Space for imagination

Space for imagination

Somebody said extraordinary? Yes, because each startup is Djungle studio 100%

We populate space with new opportunities and realities that start with ideas that come within Djungle Studio – that we validate, test and develop.
QuEST or? For us only QuEST (and is not the name of a new cocktail). Is a tool that we use to judge and select the several ideas we get continuously through rational and objective criteria. The quicker we kill an idea that is not worth it the quicker we can focus on something else that works (and excites us more!).

A super agile road

Ideas worth investing

In connection from space – Djungel Studio calls…

Investors that love risk

Our startups are real business opportunities,with validated ideas and business models!

Corporates with a rebel soul

We open innovation to corporates that can jump on board and embrace solutions for new offering.

Innovation passionates

People that (like us) in life don’t just go with the first answer and that will use our solutions in real life.

Huston, we’ve got an idea!

Don’t miss out on our next spatial ideas!